Howard Hughes, Prince, Howard Stern, Michael Jackson, Howie Mandel & even President Donald Trump suffer from Mysophobia, MYSO being the Greek word for GERM or Germaphobia, the fear of GERMS can be hereditary, a learned behavior a form of OCD or can be triggered by a trauma & can interfere with life of sufferers by their avoiding public places. PREVENTION IS THE BEST TREATMENT. SANI SEAT COVERS help prevent GERMS.

Poor hygiene is the main cause of PEDICULUS HUNANUS CAPITIS or LICE. Developing nations have higher rates of infestation. According to the CDC, 6-12 MILLION people get lice annually & PLANES TRAINS & MOVIE THEATERS are perfect breeding grounds. LICE burrow into headrests & can live up to 10 days in fabric. Insecticides become resistant & are not good for humans. SANI SEAT COVERS contain no insecticides.

1.73 MILLION people fly per day. The FAA does not regulate cleaning. Planes are only cleaned once every 30 days.Staph, aureus MRSA & E-coli can live up to a week in upholstery, on trays & on armrests.  392 BILLION train passenger kilometers were travelled in the EU.

SANI SEAT COVERS, TRAY COVERS & DOOR COVERS can help stop GERMS.  Simply slip SANI SEAT COVERS over your plane seat, train seat, rental car & theater seats